As we get older

As we get older, diseases are becoming more frequent. We tend to catch more viruses as our resistance decreases. As they say, health is somehow indirectly proportional with age. Thus, as I always tell myself, age gracefully.

It pains me as I learned about my body age. I am only 50 yet my body age is already 63. I have too many visceral fat and that is not good, I know. Worst, I have diabetes.

There are many products available in the market that can control sugar or even block carbohydrates as they say. I saw one commercial that the lady was just offered a diet drink then she can already afford to eat all the sweets that she wants and even rice and other good food! Well, all I can say is beware! I just read about actos bladder cancer and it is unbelievable for me. Well, I always believe in medications prescribed by the doctors of course. I suggest though that we can also do our own research before taking any medication.

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