Good service

My niece visited us for the Holidays. She already graduated from College but is now considering to take up another course. She wants to try Nashville cosmetology school. According to her business is the best option to earn a living. Well, the competition between new graduates of different courses is really stiff. You will be lucky if you immediately land a job these days. Having a business of your own might just save you from drowning.

My wife and I have been thinking about that beauty salon for years now. Maybe we can join our niece's venture after she finishes that Beauty course. We agree that education is a must and it will be advantageous considering that there are already many parlors in our area. There are around five to six beauty parlors already at one place where there are many people. My wife actually goes to two of those! Well, we also have our own favorite hair-cutter. My wife has a different hair-cutter, manicurist and the one who shaves her brows. That is quite expensive especially she gives tip to the three every time. See how good the beauty business can be as long as you get loyal customers. The secret of course is good service.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544


Firecracker CD

Everybody is preparing for the New Year! Amidst all the hardships in life and calamities experienced left and right, people will not miss celebrating the New Year with a bang!

The Department of Health and Red Cross are doing all their best to protect the community from firecracker injuries. Well, playing with fire is not really advisable! Literally and symbolically! Anyways, our talented musicians came up with a firecracker CD. Just play it and listened to the firecracker sound! Just imagine those lights!

Before New Year

I use flexible tubing for electrical wiring. I use the orange ones so that I can easily see them whenever I need to do some repair. Gone are the days of exposed wires. A few dollars can save more for all you know. Well, if you do not protect the wires, the more that it can be exposed to anything that will make it brittle or wear out easily. That reminds me! I need to fix some wires. I will rush to the store for additional tubes. I need to finish everything before the New Year!

The necklace

When it comes to shop valentines day gifts for her, I prefer to go safe. Well, what could be the best present for the woman you love, huh? Jewelry! I am planning to give my wife a necklace as she is not fond of wearing one. It is high time for her to have that necklace that she asked for before when we were still just sweethearts. Before, I did not give her much gifts except for the watches that I think she needed most when she was still in school.


Insurance is assurance

When you say wholesale, it means more affordable. Almost all goods can be bought in wholesale. Did you know that even insurance can be wholesale? Check out www.wholesaleinsurance.net.

My wife is an insurance advocate. She was influenced by her previous boss. It is a good thing because when I was working abroad, my wife was able to buy two plans. One educational and one life insurance.

Insurance is something that everyone must have. I believe in other countries, there are certain types of insurance that is required for every individual. Here in our country, there are certain required payments that employees regularly pay. Come to think of it, those can be considered as insurance.

Insurance, as I have said before is forced savings. Insurance is assurance.

Sad morning news

Morning news today is about the Typhoon Sendong in Mindanao and it really saddens me. The people in the evacuation centers are suffering. There are kids. It really breaks my heart.It is Christmas and the people affected by the flood will spend it there.

We also experienced a big typhoon before. I have written here about the Typhoon Ondoy before. That experienced prompted me to go on with the construction of the second floor of our house or at least part of it.

I pray for all the victims of the flood also. Death toll is at 126.

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