Good service

My niece visited us for the Holidays. She already graduated from College but is now considering to take up another course. She wants to try Nashville cosmetology school. According to her business is the best option to earn a living. Well, the competition between new graduates of different courses is really stiff. You will be lucky if you immediately land a job these days. Having a business of your own might just save you from drowning.

My wife and I have been thinking about that beauty salon for years now. Maybe we can join our niece's venture after she finishes that Beauty course. We agree that education is a must and it will be advantageous considering that there are already many parlors in our area. There are around five to six beauty parlors already at one place where there are many people. My wife actually goes to two of those! Well, we also have our own favorite hair-cutter. My wife has a different hair-cutter, manicurist and the one who shaves her brows. That is quite expensive especially she gives tip to the three every time. See how good the beauty business can be as long as you get loyal customers. The secret of course is good service.

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