Exam week before Christmas

December 17-21 is exam week for my son. It means we will be spending the whole weekend to review. I really wish sometimes that he is more industrious in his studies. Well, yes, so that he will just study on his own. Kidding aside, I am a proud Dad whenever he makes it through in his exams. After all the reading and the q&As, at least I know that I am really helping him to study. No perfect scores but satisfactory already.

Party outside

Next in the list: cushions outdoor. We have a small veranda and instead of receiving the guests at the living room, we plan to have it at the veranda. It is especially for the coming Christmas and New year.We want everything to be contained outside. Well, receiving guests outside is easier rather than having them all inside the house. We do not have a maid and my wife does not enjoy doing the cleaning after the party.

Paracetamol or Mefenamic Acid?

Paracetamol or Mefenamic Acid? What is your choice to ease the pain? Well, my wife has a toothache and she does not like to take Mefenamic and is settled with her favorite paracetamol. As of me, I want the strongest substance which can provie an immediate relief.

Plant the Rose for Mom

I will buy nylon air hose. I will also buy some garden tools. Pots also are in the list. You are right, we are off to the hardware store today. Well, my son is into gardening lately. Funny, even the rose that she gave to her Mom yesterday, he wanted to plant it. I really like my son's humor. He gives us pure joy.

The carpenter stood us up

The carpenter stood us up today! Well, he did not even bother to call. We are not in a hurry for our house to be finished but we want it to be before Christmas. That is merely less than 10 days to go. Well, he can do it even during weekdays though. Anyways, according to his wife Nora, he is sick with stomachache. I hope he gets well soon.



Don't you just love the sound of saxophones? I do. If for the guitar players, it is the pick. For saxophonists, it is the mouthpiece. I wonder how many Dukoff mouthpieces one player has. Well, could there also be a favorite mouthpiece as a favorite pick? Maybe, huh! as of me, I have a favorite pick. Yes, I think and I hear that the sound is better when I play with my favorite pick.

Sodium content

Back to red rice. My son got afraid or sort of listened to his Mom when told about eating too much pancit canton--instant noodles! Well, the sodium and all. Speaking of sodium, I tried studying the sodium allowance each day and I was really surprised to find out that we are only allowed a teaspoon per day. Do not be confident that you are having just as much or even less, huh! Remember that even the vegetables that we eat have natural sodium already. Even eggs and meat have sodium content.

Ant lover

Hahaha! Yes, the title is correct. Ant lover. My son is. He is into ants again. It is by phases. Before, we did buy an ant farm. Oh, it is gone now! Two weeks ago, my son asked his Mom for a plastic container. He filled it with sand and he caught some ants. Believe me, today the ants are bigger. He feeds them with candy, chees and leaves. Oh, yes, sometimes, there are other insects there too that the ants fight with. I do not know if they just decayed there. My son now has an ant colony. He also has queen ants according to him.


Our future scientist

Believe me, the faux moss balls, another thing in my son's toys! Yes, he is into nature as he loves ants and spiders and termites and butterflies, and whatever that he could see moving in the garden, he tries to get it. A moss ball would be interesting for him. Yes, he is into plants too. Thanks to his Science subject. :)Well, we encourage him to build his own art farms from scratch and the likes. Who knows? We might just be raising a future scientist.


Kitchen almost done

I worked for the past two days and I learned a new thing! I installed floor tiles. yes, finally our kitchen area is improved with its new floor with tiles. Thank you to my wife for being supportive. Well, she prepared the meals so I had the energy to finish the job. I had to rest Sunday though because Monday is working day and school day once again. We have to prepare for it physically and emotionally. Haha! Well, that's how my wife puts that.

So, kitchen is almost done though it is still a long way to go. By and by as the budget permits. I am also working on the second floor bedroom. I finished the ceiling and the initial paint coat for the walls.

My checklist:
kitchen cabinets down
kitchen cabinets up
kitchen wall paint

Bath floor tiles- those were removed during the construction of the second floor and we have not installed new yet.
Bath wall tiles
Bath wall paint- yes, we will not have the walls be in tiles from floor to ceiling
Bath ceiling

wall paint
some repair on the floor tiles

Second Floor Bedroom
Final paint coat
Floor tiles
New Air-con

Whoa! Such a long list, huh! Well, I made sure to put almost everything down so that we will have focus. See, money is around the corner and we should be wise on what to really buy.


Boss is waiting

I am really trying to find an all in one pc. Oh, I really hope to make it to the deadline as my boss is waiting for the quotation today! Because of other things, it slipped my mind and I am really sorry that I did not make the deadline. Oh, I really do not like missing things like deadlines. It is not good at all!


Travel by 2013

My wife has been browsing vacation packages. Well, she told me before that she would prioritize or include travel in our budget for 2013. Well, you might say that it is too early to prepare? Well, if you want to get better deals, I think or my wife thinks that early preparation might just do it. My son would be very happy to travel by plane and go to Disneyland next year, I am sure! I really hope that my wife's skill in budgeting will finally make us pack our bags and enjoy the vacation of our life.


Serenade her

I love classic guitars! Yes, I have one. I am a talented guitar player, I must say. I used to play in a band. I was also the guitarist in our church choir before. Oh, you bet I was able to serenade my wife also with my old guitar. I miss those days. Recently, I checked my guitar and played again. My child got interested. For now, he could not play my guitar as it will be an hierloom of sort. I shall buy him one that fits his age at nine.

New microwave oven

I bought a new microwave oven online. It is a good buy. I bought it for 3K Php. It is 21 liters and has a grill also. Well, I just cooked fish a while ago for our dinner. I just have to find out how much our electric bill next month will be. Well, we have been cooking pop corn and heating water there also for our coffee.


Proper footwear

Yes! I want orthotic sandals at bestinsoles.com! Well, it is high time that we be aware of the benefits of wearing health sandals and shoes. We plan to do some walking exercise again and I think that proper footwear is a must or our feet will just be painful afterwards. It is my friend who introduced me to this great innovation. Well, she has so many kinds of sandals and shoes and I am glad that she got one that is a real good buy.

Finally Alone

We are finally alone in the house. Have I mentioned here that we were once an extended family? Oh, those months were the longest. 9 months only and I told my wife that I could not bear it anymore. Anyways, we are at peace right now. No more other people inside the house.


Demands of time

My sister is really worried about her legs becoming edematous already. My wife said that jobst compression stockings might just work for her. Avoid salt. Avoid prolong standing. Of course, lose some weight too. I am glad that there are many health products available now. Maybe that is due to the demands of time also. People are becoming health conscious nowadays also. That is to combat the not so healthy environment at present, I guess.

I am a tourist guide

Whew! I tried to be a tourist guide to my Japanese cousin in law for four days. It was really tiring. I salute all the tourist guides out there. Well, for one, the traffic was really bad. Oh, as you know, I have been a house husband for quite sometime now. I have not really been outside the house everyday for the longest time. Anyways, I am glad that I am back to my routine. Work from home will be my choice of job next time.


Not only for big houses

It is Friday once again! Time to party! Well, now I understand why we party on Fridays. Saturday and Sunday might be days for rest but sometimes, these days are for house works too. Yes, after five days in the corporate world, time to check your own abode. Well, I have so many projects for the weekend and the coming weekends. Besides the painting jobs that I must do, my wife is bugging me to check our plumbing system. Wife is an environmentalist of sort and she does not like to use plastic anymore. Yes, including the house "interior". To think that everything is in plastic nowadays, huh! So, what will I do with our plumbing system? Replace all with copper plumbing parts! While I agree to her, I ask her to give me the budget for it. While only big houses and maybe restaurants and hotels use copper plumbing system, yes, we shall have it in our house too. I did not argue with my wife with this move since I understand the benefits of using copper. it will be with us for years ir even decades. We need not worry also any cracks for the longest possible time thus that is savings in repair cost, right? I am excited to work this wqeekend. Besides the plumbing work and painting job, I shall do tile installation too! Well, yes, I might hire some help but I really like to do things myself. It gives me a sense of accomplishment building my own house. :) also, when I do it myself, I know how to go with future repairs. Well who should know my own house but me, right? So, I have to party hard today as tomorrow, I shall be doing a lot of work again! Have a great one too, you all!


As mentioned in the interview

It is rfeally nice to interact with the IT people. You get to learn so many things. My wife, being now part of that world, is keen on acquiring more knowledge in that field. Her newest, off site back up. Her Boss posted a link about it and she got interested. Life in IT has been pretty cxhallenging also for my wife. The term techy applies more to me than her. Well, I am always here to support her as she mentioned in her interview when she was applying for that post. ;)


Son is worried about his Quarterly Exams

Son is worried about his Quarterly Exams. According to him, he has not studied that much yet. Well, it has been three days that he is absent from school because of inclement weather. Their school gets flooded also whenever it rains. I advised my son not to worry much. Once we are all settled then we could resume reviewing again.

It rained hard then she believed in me

No, I did not like that it rained hard before my wife finally appreciated our second floor. It rained hard for the past three weeks or so. Yesterday, we had to pack our things and even remove our flooring at the ground floor. Well, it is a removable one. Because of the little flood, we could not sleep at the ground floor. Finally, she made use of the floor that she is always saying all her savings went.


My sister and my wife

My sister who was as white as snow before is now worrying about her uneven skin tone. Well, she is preparing for her husband's visit and she wants to be as beautiful as she can be. What to do? What to do? I advised her to stop worrying and just go to the Dermatologist. Easy, right? Oh, women... Oh, my wife is not one of them. She is never conscious.

New Motorcyle

Have I mentioned that I got a new motorcycle? Thanks to my wife for it. Well, our old motorcycle is already six years old. It is still in working condition and I am actually selling it. However, if no one is interested, it is okay. :) We love that old bike, anyways. :)


The daughter who loves gadgets

My friend's daughter loves taking pictures and videos. After taking some shots and motions, she would write something about it in her blog. She is nineteen years old. She is studious too and as a matter of fact, would already be graduating from college this March. For her thesis, she asked her Mom for a laptop! her mother gave in to her request since she knows that her daughter really needs it. I told my wife about it. According to her, they also went to shop for beads for jewlery for our friend's daughter too. Apparently, that is another hobby of hers. Good kid.

Studying Filipino Alphabet

Exam week and we have to review again. Me and my son. He got 5/10 in his Filipino quiz and that meant we have to study harder in that subject. I asked my wife to leave us alone as I know that she would not want my way of teaching our son. Well, I have been effective, I guess or my son is really bright except for that subject thus it is really a challenge to me. Add to Technorati Favorites


Another technological innovation

My wife showed me how the online virus scanner worked. Well, in their office, all their computers recently underwent virus scanning. There is apparently a new virus threat. As of our own computer, the one I am using right now, I am still depending on the anti virus application I installed. I wonder if the site that my wife told me would work in our computer? Anyways, another technological innovation. Everything is really done online nowadays.

Lured by politics

Lured by dirty politics? Give the man the benefit of the doubt? So, that is how to earn millions? I still could not believe my eyes reading about it. Roderick Paulate suspended? Also, it is just now that I learned that he even ran for city councilor and won! If the accusations are true, I was and I am disappointed. Add to Technorati Favorites


We listened

Do not go for less. It is actually a good tagline. Almost everybody used it already in one way or another. Well, that is correct and it makes sense. Of, course, no one wants to settle for the inferior. Sometimes though, we tend to be. Well, we have to careful with that especial when it concerns our shelter, right? When we were still building our house, my wife's previous Boss advised us to use american steel. Well, I am glad we listened. :)

Weak points

Today is July 8 already. True enough, I have not written for this blog for almost a month now. What kept me busy? My son! It is school time and you know, I work as his Nanny...err, I am his Dad and I happened to be the one to take care of him as I am a stay at home Dad.

It is exam week and we need to review. As usual, he still has the same weak point/s. His Filipino and Sibika subjects are still very difficult for him.


Pacquiao's loss

Pacquiao's loss to Bradley is controversial. Bradley is being mocked to be gay as he hugged Pacquiao most of the time during the fight. The judges are also in jeopardy. Bottom line, Boxing is still business. How many times that the topic has been depicted in TV shows and movies, right? Well, Pacquiao is the victim this time?

The washer

When you heard the words flat washer, what comes into your mind? Do you think of soap and water? Do you think of a washing machine? I am just kidding! Of course, a washer is the flat disk with a hole at the middle that can be used as a locking device. Well, you can also of course call your washing machine as a washer. And yes, if you look inside your washing machine, you'll see a lot of washers. Well, I just thought about it when I saw a box of washers in one of the shows in TV. I wonder what they will do with it? Maybe they will sell it or something.

Alarming realization

My nephew offered us before a good annuity interest rate. Actually, he has his own and my wife and I were talking about yesterday if he is still earning from it. Well, yes, we are thinking again of investing to some kind of forced savings. Lately, we have experienced some financial crisis and we realized that we are spending all our money and we do not have any savings at all. That really alarmed us.


The best for others, the best for you

It is 4AM and I am awake.Oh, I love to browse the web and do some internet stuff during this hour or in the wee jours of the morning, I may say. Why? Well, the connection seems faster. The websites are loading pretty much in an instant! Maybe because it is off peak? What could really be the cause of slow loading or fast loading? Could it be in the bandwidth or the internet connection or the bandwidth of that particular website? What could be happening when a page does not load at all or when it suddenly disappears in no time? Could it be in the webhost? Tech stuff, right? Well, go to a top website hosting review site and find out! I am still with free hosting but eventually, I know that I should have my own webhost. Right now, I am just glad that I have this space in the world wide web.But then again, it is always an advantage to have your own webhost. Just make sure to get the right one that would suit your need or needs. You know, not the best for others might also be the best for you. Getting your own webhost also means that you have to pay for it. You can avail free trials from those who offer, then eventually pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.

This is a paid post.


I am the Cook

Yes, I am the cook in the house. Between writing this post and watching TV, I am cooking dinner for the family. Wife suggested our son;s favorite which is Afritada. This time with some potatoes and carrots. The sad part, our son is sick and he does not want to eat as he does not like to vomit. Anyways, I know that I have to cook good so bye for now! :)

Give me something that I like

Oh, please ask me Dear about Father's day gift ideas! Yes, I tell that to my wife every time. Well, give me something that I need and like, right? It is not that I want to spoil the surprise but maybe during these days that money is tight and we are actually sort of trying to list down everything that we spend for, it is best that what we spend on gifts are worth it. Yes, give me something that I like. ;)

The first step is to apply

One of my friends told me about jobs in US. There are many positions available as I tried to browse at their site. Wow, store manager! I used to be one! I think I would qualify. I just need to live in US, of course. For now, I shall tell my friends in US who told me that they do not have a permanent job as of the moment. Well, there are actually a lot of positions available. The first step is to fll out an application form, submit it and pray that the phone would ring or an e-mail would be received for the next steps.


Fruitful experience

I believe that everyone who wants to study Beauty should acquire education about it. Yes, there are trainings for hair cutting and styling, make up, manicure and pedicure and other cosmetology short courses but as I wrote, short term courses! How can you entrust your face or hair to someone who did not even read a single page of a book about it? Yes, experience might just be the best teacher but to experience, you have to learn... if you want that experience to be fruitful enough, right? So, what school do I suggest? There is Regency Beauty Schools. Yes, it is a nice training ground.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Idol Fever Ends, Jessica Fever Begins

Finally, the long wait is over! Phillip Phillips has been named American Idol Season 11 winner. That is one hell of a roller coaster ride for the audience of AI around the world? Well, that is when Americans are resting on their laurels as they know already who will win along the way. They say that Phillip Phillips has the total package? Maybe... if it was not Jessica as his nemesis in the finale. Anyways, all sites in the world wide web are talking about it,,,I do not know for how long. One thing sure, Idol Fever Ends, Jessica Fever Begins! Well, after that duet with Jennifer Holiday... definitely, Jessica Sanchez ROCKS!


Perfect combination

I do not know if my wife was serious when she asked me if she could retire already given that I am into a buy and sell business already. Well, I am just starting and I still need all her support. Besides, I think that having a business should not actually be considered as a real stable source of income. Well, in one way or another, a client will stop acquiring or it will take long before he buys an item again especially of similar one, right? For starters, I venture in construction materials. Well, equipments, I mean. ;) Yes, I already earned some profit from it. I know though that I should not stop and keep on researching about the people's need for the season. Just like here in our country, rainy season is here. Maybe I can venture in raypak pool heaters. Swimming is a very good exercise. It is also therapeutic. Well, actually, heat itself is also a modality. Pool and heater in a cold season? Perfect combination!


Post-brithday celebration

We celebrated wife's birthday yesterday. Well, she sort of treated me to two meals and a trip in the mall. We actually went there to watch Avengers but then again, she changed her mind and decided to watch it on Saturday with our son. So be it. We had satiated our taste buds instead. Well, she broke her diet in the process as she supposed not to eat yesterday. Anyways, I was the beneficiary. She let me tried the new fad here, Bonchon chicken. Well, I actually had chicken and the fish n' chips. Before going home, we ate at her favorite restaurant, MannHann...Great day! Thanks, Wifey!

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Thank you to golf

My wife always talks about her previous boss. She has learned so much lessons in life through the old man. Yes, I did too. I was able to meet him before. Well, he just entered my thoughts as I was looking at the customized golf balls in one of the golf shops I dropped by yesterday. The old man was playing golf at least once a week before. I do not know if he still does at the age of nearly 80. Oh, that old already yet when I met him five years ago, he looked like ten or more younger than his age. Well, according to him, he attributed it to his sports--that is golf. I wonder how he is right now. I will ask wife to get in touch with him one of these days.


Let the wife do the planning

It will be May soon! We have not travel as a family yet. Our son has swimming lessons though thus a swimming outing is not advisable anymore. Going to the malls,not a good activity neither as we always do it. How about something special? Oh, maybe I should just let my wife do the planning. Men suck on this, would you agree?

Make it lower

Time to change to led lights! Yes, we have decided. After receiving our electric bill for the usage last month, we were shocked on how high it is and we would like to know how to cut on the usage. Well, first, we need to know the actual consumption every time we open the lights, televison, electric fans, refrigerator and all the other things inside the house that consume electricity. One option is to change to led lights. Many friends had told us about it and it is now the best time to do it!

Dependable in times of need

Here in our country, there are people who are in the gold and silver business. I mean, even in the streets by the sidewalk, there are people with just a chair and the sign "buy silver coins". Really! Well, to be honest, I was able to sell some coins and pieces of gold and silver before. You would never know when you are in need, right? Today, as I was looking back, I think I need to invest again in silver and gold. These two proved to be dependable especially in times of need.

Jessica Sanchez Saved!

Jessica Sanchez had been saved by the judges last week and this week, she was saved by millions of people in American Idol Season 11. Congratulations, Jessica! Colton Dixon was out and Hollie was crying hard during the elimination. Well, maybe she was thinking that it could have been her? It is really hard in contests like that, somebody has to leave. Well, be thankful of your stay and continue doing your best. According to Jimmi, the mentor of AI, Jessica must choose songs or sing songs that is appropriate for her age. Randy Jackson and the other judges seemed careful in too much praising Jessica too. Hmmm...strategize, strategize... Joshua Ledet on the other hand always gets standing ovations. Well, he always gives stunning performances. One of my friends posted that most of the votes came from the fans of Jessica and Philip Phillips. Will those two reach the finals? Exciting, exciting!


You cannot save me twice

"You cannot save me twice." That was what Deandre told to the judges. Well, the 17 year old young man has been eliminated at the recent episode of American Idol Season 11. Now, it is down to 7. Who will make it to the top 2?

People here in our country are avid American Idol watchers since the time that a Filipino reached top three. Remember Jasmine Trias? Well, maybe Jessica Sanchez will have the same fate?

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Jennifer Lopez is Hot

Jennifer Lopez is Hot! She is a good singer and a good dancer. My wife dances to her videos. I think she should make an exercise video with her songs. I am sure that it will be a hot. She should also reveal her diet and her secrets in keeping her skin and body beautiful! Nope, I am not a marketing manager here! Hahaha!

Personal shopper

There is no law yet here in country for the bike riders to wear Motorcycle Riding Boots or is there such a law, really? Anyways, I think that those boots are really cool! You know, even if someone who does not ride a bike can actually wear those! There are really nice designs and look sturdy too. Just what I need, I think. I will ask wife about it. Well, she is my personal shopper.

Changing interests

We do not have a vast garden but my son is asking me to buy a manual mower. He is into ants and termites which is quite weird, is it not? He wants to dig and find the Queen Ant! Well he has been showing us videos of real big ants that look like spiders already! Imagine that! Will my son be a Scientist? He actually has so many interests and those changes from time to time. Before, he was also into tornadoes and earthquakes!


Summer activity

It is vacation time! Well for me and my son as school is over. We finished second grade! Yipee! Now, we have to think of things to do or it will be two long months of doing nothing! Time for my house projects! I am thinking of a propane fire pit! We love eating in a grill restaurant and we spend a lot when we dine out. I think having a fir pit would just be the answer to our habit. Also, grill is good since we are all on a diet. :)


Honest ones

I can still remember when I applied for a job abroad. The background check was done here in our country considering that I was already abroad that time. Well, based in the interview, CI was done and it was a good thing, I told nothing but the truth. Well, some people tend to boost up their resumes without even thinking about these routine back checks which are essential for companies. It is a must that you only hire honest employees.


Jessica Sanchez got a standing ovation

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Bravo, Jessica Sanchez! You are a gem in American Idol this season. I hope that the American voters and all those who can vote around the world will see your talent and appreciate your brand of music as the judges d last night! You truly deserved that standing ovation!

Amazed with modernization

My wife's new job entails lot of meetings and presentations. Sometimes, she even has to travel to another location just to attend meetings. Since she is working in one of the biggest telecommunications company in our country, at long last their management decided to implement audio conferencing and video conferencing instead of spending in gasoline and waste travel time. You know how important time is for a very agile environment that they have. Wife is happy with the new set up. She feels high tech. Well she is always amazed with modernization.


Jessica Sanchez in the top 24 of american Idol!

I could not believe that I have not written much this February! Well, I am not that busy! Anyways, I will just continue from what I left off. Imagine, the top 24 of AI has been announced! Well, yes, there is a Filipino there, at least by blood, huh--Jessica Sanchez, 16 who is one of the stronger singers in the competition! Anyways, too early to tell and of course, it is in the hands of those who can vote now!


Fil-Ams in American Idol Season 11

The last time I checked, there were already 213 contestants that would go to Hollywood! Oh, too many golden tickets, huh! Well, surely it would be a very stiff competition once again.

There are Fil-Ams who tried out and qualified. One is Kristen Corpuz. Her audition was not shown though as far as I watched the five episodes or I just missed it? Anyways, she has a big voice and sings well. I hope that she enters the top 12.

I do not know if Ashley Robles is also a Fil-Am. There are videos in YouTube though that shows her singing at Fil-Am events. Anyways, she sang well during her audition.

Go, Fil-Ams!

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The game that made my son's day

Surely my son would like to have Electric Airsoft Guns. I will not show him this first! Kidding aside, playing with airsoft guns is really fun! During my son's 8th birthday, that was the game that he enjoyed most when we went to a park. Good thing they have a game like that! It made my son's day and now he wants to go back there. That gave me the idea of buying to Airsoft Guns instead. One for him and one for me! Father and son bonding, it is!


Our own big garden with a gazebo

We went to the park this weekend. It was quite gloomy and true enough, it rained. Good thing that the park has an outdoor gazebo where people flocked for shelter. We waited there until the rain had stopped. While we were there, my wife and I talked about having our own big garden and gazebo. Maybe, we would buy a farm land in the province and build a home there where we would retire. Then, our grand kids would just visit us there.

Wishful thinking, huh! That's what aging brings about, I guess. Well, I am about tot turn 51 tomorrow.

American Idol 11th season

American Idol 11th season is here! I have watched three episodes already. Well, not all of the auditions were shown. They only chose some contestants for each episode. Maybe those that have interesting and touching stories? There was a woman who lives in a tent. A lost one found by her groom and partner in life who encouraged her to join the contest. There was the single Mom whom I like. There were the young ones once again: 15 year old daughter of a pitcher, a Justin Bieber look alike, a young Michael Jackson who even defeated Scotty before in town's contests..oh, what have you! Too many talents again and too bad not all of them would really reach the top 15 or so. Anyways, American Idol is always fun to watch. I am looking forward to the 11th American Idol.

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Way of communicating and reaching out

My brother in law works for a tobacco company. He gave us cigars samplers last Christmas. Since nobody in the family is smoking, we also gave it away to our friends who smoke. They love it. Well, for smokers, smoking means relaxation. It is also a way of communicating or reaching out especially if the other person is also a smoker. My wife knows someone who still smokes at the age of 81.



Communication is the key. No man is an island. Coordination is very important. Need I say more that each of us need the help of others in pone way or another? How about, two heads are better than one? Even the most intelligent person still needs the aid of another person. Just like in doctors, not one doctor knows everything. That is why, there is such thing as specialty, right? So, what happens now if a person who is sick has so many ailments and one doctor is not enough?

In a workplace or even in hospitals, there is a thing called, fellow. Well, it will be great if the hospital that you go to is also complete or packed with all the kinds of doctors, right? There comes Doximity which aims to address communication amongst physicians and of course, contacting the right one. Example, if you will look for Tuan Duong MD in Doximity, you will find out that his Sub-specialty is General Internal Medicine. You can also see his training and educational background. From there, you will know if he is the right person to get in touch with.

Thank you to the Mom

Our son is growing up to be a bright boy. Well, he might not have high grades nor he is at the top of the class but he is really a street smart! Thanks to his Mom, huh! Well, do you believe that 70% of the composition of a child is because of the mother? Well, guys should really choose well!

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Wife's surprise

Excited for the weekend! My wife said that she would give me a treat! We will have an advanced birthday celebration since she has office commitments on the exact date of my birthday! Yes, I am turning 51! Whew! I feel like 31!

Today seems going to be a great day! What could I look forward to, huh? Well, wifey has lots of surprises! I just hope that it would not be cancelled! Now, that could be real surprising but sad!

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Unexpected event

My wife came from a family who has migraine. I searched for a medicine for migraine and I also stumbled upon Topamax. Oh, could it be a wonder drug? Or, could it be something that could aggravate the condition? Fearful, huh! Well, have you heard about a Topamax lawsuit? Apparently, if taken by a pregnant woman, it can cause some birth defects like cleft palate. That must be devastating for a Mom who might blame herself after knowing that the drug that she took for her condition--migraine, seizures caused that. Good news that cleft palate can be corrected already. Much more, hire a good lawyer for that case and get something from that unexpected event.

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Her brother's interest

We are planning to send my wife's brother to school. However, we want to find out what his interests are or his capabilities. Choosing a college course is really critical. You think of job opportunities that go with it and of course, the big question is if you can finish the course with flying colors.

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Something that our money can afford

We have two people in the house! My mother-in-law and her son are staying with us already. Well, we hope though that it will just be temporary. We do not want to lose our privacy forever. My wife and I made a deal that when finances are okay already, we will just rent a home for them. Just a small one though. Something that our money can afford.

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Check the medicines

Having read about Crestor lawsuit, I immediately check the medicines I am taking for my diabetes. Thank you to internet, huh! Well, the full details of certain medicines could not be read especially if written in very small labels or if you do not buy by the box which usually include the inserts which also have very small prints, you need a magnifying glass, right? Anyways, so far, so good. I think I am doing good. My wife always reminds me though to be cautious. I think I gained some weight because of the Holidays and I continue to eat more than I should being a diabetic. I do inserted more physical activities in my daily routine though. I hope it is enough.


Jogging is my new hobby

Yes, jogging is my new hobby. It started last November, I guess. Well, the benefit of having someone else to watch over your child when you are away, huh! You can do other things. Like, jogging! After bringing my wife to the shuttle station, I will go directly to the jogging place at the, would you believe, memorial park? The area is so vast and the lanes are being used as jogging lanes by the people who lives nearby. I just hope that its administration won't mind forever.

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Use your senses

Sometimes, when you just have nothing to do, life becomes boring. But, is there really is nothing to do? Ask my wife and she will say, there are a lot of other things that you can do everyday! You just have to look around and open your senses. I totally agree! Sometimes though, you just choose to do nothing!

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