Fil-Ams in American Idol Season 11

The last time I checked, there were already 213 contestants that would go to Hollywood! Oh, too many golden tickets, huh! Well, surely it would be a very stiff competition once again.

There are Fil-Ams who tried out and qualified. One is Kristen Corpuz. Her audition was not shown though as far as I watched the five episodes or I just missed it? Anyways, she has a big voice and sings well. I hope that she enters the top 12.

I do not know if Ashley Robles is also a Fil-Am. There are videos in YouTube though that shows her singing at Fil-Am events. Anyways, she sang well during her audition.

Go, Fil-Ams!

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The game that made my son's day

Surely my son would like to have Electric Airsoft Guns. I will not show him this first! Kidding aside, playing with airsoft guns is really fun! During my son's 8th birthday, that was the game that he enjoyed most when we went to a park. Good thing they have a game like that! It made my son's day and now he wants to go back there. That gave me the idea of buying to Airsoft Guns instead. One for him and one for me! Father and son bonding, it is!


Our own big garden with a gazebo

We went to the park this weekend. It was quite gloomy and true enough, it rained. Good thing that the park has an outdoor gazebo where people flocked for shelter. We waited there until the rain had stopped. While we were there, my wife and I talked about having our own big garden and gazebo. Maybe, we would buy a farm land in the province and build a home there where we would retire. Then, our grand kids would just visit us there.

Wishful thinking, huh! That's what aging brings about, I guess. Well, I am about tot turn 51 tomorrow.

American Idol 11th season

American Idol 11th season is here! I have watched three episodes already. Well, not all of the auditions were shown. They only chose some contestants for each episode. Maybe those that have interesting and touching stories? There was a woman who lives in a tent. A lost one found by her groom and partner in life who encouraged her to join the contest. There was the single Mom whom I like. There were the young ones once again: 15 year old daughter of a pitcher, a Justin Bieber look alike, a young Michael Jackson who even defeated Scotty before in town's contests..oh, what have you! Too many talents again and too bad not all of them would really reach the top 15 or so. Anyways, American Idol is always fun to watch. I am looking forward to the 11th American Idol.

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Way of communicating and reaching out

My brother in law works for a tobacco company. He gave us cigars samplers last Christmas. Since nobody in the family is smoking, we also gave it away to our friends who smoke. They love it. Well, for smokers, smoking means relaxation. It is also a way of communicating or reaching out especially if the other person is also a smoker. My wife knows someone who still smokes at the age of 81.



Communication is the key. No man is an island. Coordination is very important. Need I say more that each of us need the help of others in pone way or another? How about, two heads are better than one? Even the most intelligent person still needs the aid of another person. Just like in doctors, not one doctor knows everything. That is why, there is such thing as specialty, right? So, what happens now if a person who is sick has so many ailments and one doctor is not enough?

In a workplace or even in hospitals, there is a thing called, fellow. Well, it will be great if the hospital that you go to is also complete or packed with all the kinds of doctors, right? There comes Doximity which aims to address communication amongst physicians and of course, contacting the right one. Example, if you will look for Tuan Duong MD in Doximity, you will find out that his Sub-specialty is General Internal Medicine. You can also see his training and educational background. From there, you will know if he is the right person to get in touch with.

Thank you to the Mom

Our son is growing up to be a bright boy. Well, he might not have high grades nor he is at the top of the class but he is really a street smart! Thanks to his Mom, huh! Well, do you believe that 70% of the composition of a child is because of the mother? Well, guys should really choose well!

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Wife's surprise

Excited for the weekend! My wife said that she would give me a treat! We will have an advanced birthday celebration since she has office commitments on the exact date of my birthday! Yes, I am turning 51! Whew! I feel like 31!

Today seems going to be a great day! What could I look forward to, huh? Well, wifey has lots of surprises! I just hope that it would not be cancelled! Now, that could be real surprising but sad!

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Unexpected event

My wife came from a family who has migraine. I searched for a medicine for migraine and I also stumbled upon Topamax. Oh, could it be a wonder drug? Or, could it be something that could aggravate the condition? Fearful, huh! Well, have you heard about a Topamax lawsuit? Apparently, if taken by a pregnant woman, it can cause some birth defects like cleft palate. That must be devastating for a Mom who might blame herself after knowing that the drug that she took for her condition--migraine, seizures caused that. Good news that cleft palate can be corrected already. Much more, hire a good lawyer for that case and get something from that unexpected event.

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Her brother's interest

We are planning to send my wife's brother to school. However, we want to find out what his interests are or his capabilities. Choosing a college course is really critical. You think of job opportunities that go with it and of course, the big question is if you can finish the course with flying colors.

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Something that our money can afford

We have two people in the house! My mother-in-law and her son are staying with us already. Well, we hope though that it will just be temporary. We do not want to lose our privacy forever. My wife and I made a deal that when finances are okay already, we will just rent a home for them. Just a small one though. Something that our money can afford.

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Check the medicines

Having read about Crestor lawsuit, I immediately check the medicines I am taking for my diabetes. Thank you to internet, huh! Well, the full details of certain medicines could not be read especially if written in very small labels or if you do not buy by the box which usually include the inserts which also have very small prints, you need a magnifying glass, right? Anyways, so far, so good. I think I am doing good. My wife always reminds me though to be cautious. I think I gained some weight because of the Holidays and I continue to eat more than I should being a diabetic. I do inserted more physical activities in my daily routine though. I hope it is enough.


Jogging is my new hobby

Yes, jogging is my new hobby. It started last November, I guess. Well, the benefit of having someone else to watch over your child when you are away, huh! You can do other things. Like, jogging! After bringing my wife to the shuttle station, I will go directly to the jogging place at the, would you believe, memorial park? The area is so vast and the lanes are being used as jogging lanes by the people who lives nearby. I just hope that its administration won't mind forever.

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Use your senses

Sometimes, when you just have nothing to do, life becomes boring. But, is there really is nothing to do? Ask my wife and she will say, there are a lot of other things that you can do everyday! You just have to look around and open your senses. I totally agree! Sometimes though, you just choose to do nothing!

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