Communication is the key. No man is an island. Coordination is very important. Need I say more that each of us need the help of others in pone way or another? How about, two heads are better than one? Even the most intelligent person still needs the aid of another person. Just like in doctors, not one doctor knows everything. That is why, there is such thing as specialty, right? So, what happens now if a person who is sick has so many ailments and one doctor is not enough?

In a workplace or even in hospitals, there is a thing called, fellow. Well, it will be great if the hospital that you go to is also complete or packed with all the kinds of doctors, right? There comes Doximity which aims to address communication amongst physicians and of course, contacting the right one. Example, if you will look for Tuan Duong MD in Doximity, you will find out that his Sub-specialty is General Internal Medicine. You can also see his training and educational background. From there, you will know if he is the right person to get in touch with.

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