Summer activity

It is vacation time! Well for me and my son as school is over. We finished second grade! Yipee! Now, we have to think of things to do or it will be two long months of doing nothing! Time for my house projects! I am thinking of a propane fire pit! We love eating in a grill restaurant and we spend a lot when we dine out. I think having a fir pit would just be the answer to our habit. Also, grill is good since we are all on a diet. :)


Honest ones

I can still remember when I applied for a job abroad. The background check was done here in our country considering that I was already abroad that time. Well, based in the interview, CI was done and it was a good thing, I told nothing but the truth. Well, some people tend to boost up their resumes without even thinking about these routine back checks which are essential for companies. It is a must that you only hire honest employees.


Jessica Sanchez got a standing ovation

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Bravo, Jessica Sanchez! You are a gem in American Idol this season. I hope that the American voters and all those who can vote around the world will see your talent and appreciate your brand of music as the judges d last night! You truly deserved that standing ovation!

Amazed with modernization

My wife's new job entails lot of meetings and presentations. Sometimes, she even has to travel to another location just to attend meetings. Since she is working in one of the biggest telecommunications company in our country, at long last their management decided to implement audio conferencing and video conferencing instead of spending in gasoline and waste travel time. You know how important time is for a very agile environment that they have. Wife is happy with the new set up. She feels high tech. Well she is always amazed with modernization.