Post-brithday celebration

We celebrated wife's birthday yesterday. Well, she sort of treated me to two meals and a trip in the mall. We actually went there to watch Avengers but then again, she changed her mind and decided to watch it on Saturday with our son. So be it. We had satiated our taste buds instead. Well, she broke her diet in the process as she supposed not to eat yesterday. Anyways, I was the beneficiary. She let me tried the new fad here, Bonchon chicken. Well, I actually had chicken and the fish n' chips. Before going home, we ate at her favorite restaurant, MannHann...Great day! Thanks, Wifey!

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Thank you to golf

My wife always talks about her previous boss. She has learned so much lessons in life through the old man. Yes, I did too. I was able to meet him before. Well, he just entered my thoughts as I was looking at the customized golf balls in one of the golf shops I dropped by yesterday. The old man was playing golf at least once a week before. I do not know if he still does at the age of nearly 80. Oh, that old already yet when I met him five years ago, he looked like ten or more younger than his age. Well, according to him, he attributed it to his sports--that is golf. I wonder how he is right now. I will ask wife to get in touch with him one of these days.


Let the wife do the planning

It will be May soon! We have not travel as a family yet. Our son has swimming lessons though thus a swimming outing is not advisable anymore. Going to the malls,not a good activity neither as we always do it. How about something special? Oh, maybe I should just let my wife do the planning. Men suck on this, would you agree?

Make it lower

Time to change to led lights! Yes, we have decided. After receiving our electric bill for the usage last month, we were shocked on how high it is and we would like to know how to cut on the usage. Well, first, we need to know the actual consumption every time we open the lights, televison, electric fans, refrigerator and all the other things inside the house that consume electricity. One option is to change to led lights. Many friends had told us about it and it is now the best time to do it!

Dependable in times of need

Here in our country, there are people who are in the gold and silver business. I mean, even in the streets by the sidewalk, there are people with just a chair and the sign "buy silver coins". Really! Well, to be honest, I was able to sell some coins and pieces of gold and silver before. You would never know when you are in need, right? Today, as I was looking back, I think I need to invest again in silver and gold. These two proved to be dependable especially in times of need.

Jessica Sanchez Saved!

Jessica Sanchez had been saved by the judges last week and this week, she was saved by millions of people in American Idol Season 11. Congratulations, Jessica! Colton Dixon was out and Hollie was crying hard during the elimination. Well, maybe she was thinking that it could have been her? It is really hard in contests like that, somebody has to leave. Well, be thankful of your stay and continue doing your best. According to Jimmi, the mentor of AI, Jessica must choose songs or sing songs that is appropriate for her age. Randy Jackson and the other judges seemed careful in too much praising Jessica too. Hmmm...strategize, strategize... Joshua Ledet on the other hand always gets standing ovations. Well, he always gives stunning performances. One of my friends posted that most of the votes came from the fans of Jessica and Philip Phillips. Will those two reach the finals? Exciting, exciting!


You cannot save me twice

"You cannot save me twice." That was what Deandre told to the judges. Well, the 17 year old young man has been eliminated at the recent episode of American Idol Season 11. Now, it is down to 7. Who will make it to the top 2?

People here in our country are avid American Idol watchers since the time that a Filipino reached top three. Remember Jasmine Trias? Well, maybe Jessica Sanchez will have the same fate?

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Jennifer Lopez is Hot

Jennifer Lopez is Hot! She is a good singer and a good dancer. My wife dances to her videos. I think she should make an exercise video with her songs. I am sure that it will be a hot. She should also reveal her diet and her secrets in keeping her skin and body beautiful! Nope, I am not a marketing manager here! Hahaha!

Personal shopper

There is no law yet here in country for the bike riders to wear Motorcycle Riding Boots or is there such a law, really? Anyways, I think that those boots are really cool! You know, even if someone who does not ride a bike can actually wear those! There are really nice designs and look sturdy too. Just what I need, I think. I will ask wife about it. Well, she is my personal shopper.

Changing interests

We do not have a vast garden but my son is asking me to buy a manual mower. He is into ants and termites which is quite weird, is it not? He wants to dig and find the Queen Ant! Well he has been showing us videos of real big ants that look like spiders already! Imagine that! Will my son be a Scientist? He actually has so many interests and those changes from time to time. Before, he was also into tornadoes and earthquakes!