Jessica Sanchez Saved!

Jessica Sanchez had been saved by the judges last week and this week, she was saved by millions of people in American Idol Season 11. Congratulations, Jessica! Colton Dixon was out and Hollie was crying hard during the elimination. Well, maybe she was thinking that it could have been her? It is really hard in contests like that, somebody has to leave. Well, be thankful of your stay and continue doing your best. According to Jimmi, the mentor of AI, Jessica must choose songs or sing songs that is appropriate for her age. Randy Jackson and the other judges seemed careful in too much praising Jessica too. Hmmm...strategize, strategize... Joshua Ledet on the other hand always gets standing ovations. Well, he always gives stunning performances. One of my friends posted that most of the votes came from the fans of Jessica and Philip Phillips. Will those two reach the finals? Exciting, exciting!

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