I am the Cook

Yes, I am the cook in the house. Between writing this post and watching TV, I am cooking dinner for the family. Wife suggested our son;s favorite which is Afritada. This time with some potatoes and carrots. The sad part, our son is sick and he does not want to eat as he does not like to vomit. Anyways, I know that I have to cook good so bye for now! :)

Give me something that I like

Oh, please ask me Dear about Father's day gift ideas! Yes, I tell that to my wife every time. Well, give me something that I need and like, right? It is not that I want to spoil the surprise but maybe during these days that money is tight and we are actually sort of trying to list down everything that we spend for, it is best that what we spend on gifts are worth it. Yes, give me something that I like. ;)

The first step is to apply

One of my friends told me about jobs in US. There are many positions available as I tried to browse at their site. Wow, store manager! I used to be one! I think I would qualify. I just need to live in US, of course. For now, I shall tell my friends in US who told me that they do not have a permanent job as of the moment. Well, there are actually a lot of positions available. The first step is to fll out an application form, submit it and pray that the phone would ring or an e-mail would be received for the next steps.


Fruitful experience

I believe that everyone who wants to study Beauty should acquire education about it. Yes, there are trainings for hair cutting and styling, make up, manicure and pedicure and other cosmetology short courses but as I wrote, short term courses! How can you entrust your face or hair to someone who did not even read a single page of a book about it? Yes, experience might just be the best teacher but to experience, you have to learn... if you want that experience to be fruitful enough, right? So, what school do I suggest? There is Regency Beauty Schools. Yes, it is a nice training ground.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Idol Fever Ends, Jessica Fever Begins

Finally, the long wait is over! Phillip Phillips has been named American Idol Season 11 winner. That is one hell of a roller coaster ride for the audience of AI around the world? Well, that is when Americans are resting on their laurels as they know already who will win along the way. They say that Phillip Phillips has the total package? Maybe... if it was not Jessica as his nemesis in the finale. Anyways, all sites in the world wide web are talking about it,,,I do not know for how long. One thing sure, Idol Fever Ends, Jessica Fever Begins! Well, after that duet with Jennifer Holiday... definitely, Jessica Sanchez ROCKS!


Perfect combination

I do not know if my wife was serious when she asked me if she could retire already given that I am into a buy and sell business already. Well, I am just starting and I still need all her support. Besides, I think that having a business should not actually be considered as a real stable source of income. Well, in one way or another, a client will stop acquiring or it will take long before he buys an item again especially of similar one, right? For starters, I venture in construction materials. Well, equipments, I mean. ;) Yes, I already earned some profit from it. I know though that I should not stop and keep on researching about the people's need for the season. Just like here in our country, rainy season is here. Maybe I can venture in raypak pool heaters. Swimming is a very good exercise. It is also therapeutic. Well, actually, heat itself is also a modality. Pool and heater in a cold season? Perfect combination!