Perfect combination

I do not know if my wife was serious when she asked me if she could retire already given that I am into a buy and sell business already. Well, I am just starting and I still need all her support. Besides, I think that having a business should not actually be considered as a real stable source of income. Well, in one way or another, a client will stop acquiring or it will take long before he buys an item again especially of similar one, right? For starters, I venture in construction materials. Well, equipments, I mean. ;) Yes, I already earned some profit from it. I know though that I should not stop and keep on researching about the people's need for the season. Just like here in our country, rainy season is here. Maybe I can venture in raypak pool heaters. Swimming is a very good exercise. It is also therapeutic. Well, actually, heat itself is also a modality. Pool and heater in a cold season? Perfect combination!

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