Pacquiao's loss

Pacquiao's loss to Bradley is controversial. Bradley is being mocked to be gay as he hugged Pacquiao most of the time during the fight. The judges are also in jeopardy. Bottom line, Boxing is still business. How many times that the topic has been depicted in TV shows and movies, right? Well, Pacquiao is the victim this time?

The washer

When you heard the words flat washer, what comes into your mind? Do you think of soap and water? Do you think of a washing machine? I am just kidding! Of course, a washer is the flat disk with a hole at the middle that can be used as a locking device. Well, you can also of course call your washing machine as a washer. And yes, if you look inside your washing machine, you'll see a lot of washers. Well, I just thought about it when I saw a box of washers in one of the shows in TV. I wonder what they will do with it? Maybe they will sell it or something.

Alarming realization

My nephew offered us before a good annuity interest rate. Actually, he has his own and my wife and I were talking about yesterday if he is still earning from it. Well, yes, we are thinking again of investing to some kind of forced savings. Lately, we have experienced some financial crisis and we realized that we are spending all our money and we do not have any savings at all. That really alarmed us.


The best for others, the best for you

It is 4AM and I am awake.Oh, I love to browse the web and do some internet stuff during this hour or in the wee jours of the morning, I may say. Why? Well, the connection seems faster. The websites are loading pretty much in an instant! Maybe because it is off peak? What could really be the cause of slow loading or fast loading? Could it be in the bandwidth or the internet connection or the bandwidth of that particular website? What could be happening when a page does not load at all or when it suddenly disappears in no time? Could it be in the webhost? Tech stuff, right? Well, go to a top website hosting review site and find out! I am still with free hosting but eventually, I know that I should have my own webhost. Right now, I am just glad that I have this space in the world wide web.But then again, it is always an advantage to have your own webhost. Just make sure to get the right one that would suit your need or needs. You know, not the best for others might also be the best for you. Getting your own webhost also means that you have to pay for it. You can avail free trials from those who offer, then eventually pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.

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