The daughter who loves gadgets

My friend's daughter loves taking pictures and videos. After taking some shots and motions, she would write something about it in her blog. She is nineteen years old. She is studious too and as a matter of fact, would already be graduating from college this March. For her thesis, she asked her Mom for a laptop! her mother gave in to her request since she knows that her daughter really needs it. I told my wife about it. According to her, they also went to shop for beads for jewlery for our friend's daughter too. Apparently, that is another hobby of hers. Good kid.

Studying Filipino Alphabet

Exam week and we have to review again. Me and my son. He got 5/10 in his Filipino quiz and that meant we have to study harder in that subject. I asked my wife to leave us alone as I know that she would not want my way of teaching our son. Well, I have been effective, I guess or my son is really bright except for that subject thus it is really a challenge to me. Add to Technorati Favorites


Another technological innovation

My wife showed me how the online virus scanner worked. Well, in their office, all their computers recently underwent virus scanning. There is apparently a new virus threat. As of our own computer, the one I am using right now, I am still depending on the anti virus application I installed. I wonder if the site that my wife told me would work in our computer? Anyways, another technological innovation. Everything is really done online nowadays.

Lured by politics

Lured by dirty politics? Give the man the benefit of the doubt? So, that is how to earn millions? I still could not believe my eyes reading about it. Roderick Paulate suspended? Also, it is just now that I learned that he even ran for city councilor and won! If the accusations are true, I was and I am disappointed. Add to Technorati Favorites


We listened

Do not go for less. It is actually a good tagline. Almost everybody used it already in one way or another. Well, that is correct and it makes sense. Of, course, no one wants to settle for the inferior. Sometimes though, we tend to be. Well, we have to careful with that especial when it concerns our shelter, right? When we were still building our house, my wife's previous Boss advised us to use american steel. Well, I am glad we listened. :)

Weak points

Today is July 8 already. True enough, I have not written for this blog for almost a month now. What kept me busy? My son! It is school time and you know, I work as his Nanny...err, I am his Dad and I happened to be the one to take care of him as I am a stay at home Dad.

It is exam week and we need to review. As usual, he still has the same weak point/s. His Filipino and Sibika subjects are still very difficult for him.