Not only for big houses

It is Friday once again! Time to party! Well, now I understand why we party on Fridays. Saturday and Sunday might be days for rest but sometimes, these days are for house works too. Yes, after five days in the corporate world, time to check your own abode. Well, I have so many projects for the weekend and the coming weekends. Besides the painting jobs that I must do, my wife is bugging me to check our plumbing system. Wife is an environmentalist of sort and she does not like to use plastic anymore. Yes, including the house "interior". To think that everything is in plastic nowadays, huh! So, what will I do with our plumbing system? Replace all with copper plumbing parts! While I agree to her, I ask her to give me the budget for it. While only big houses and maybe restaurants and hotels use copper plumbing system, yes, we shall have it in our house too. I did not argue with my wife with this move since I understand the benefits of using copper. it will be with us for years ir even decades. We need not worry also any cracks for the longest possible time thus that is savings in repair cost, right? I am excited to work this wqeekend. Besides the plumbing work and painting job, I shall do tile installation too! Well, yes, I might hire some help but I really like to do things myself. It gives me a sense of accomplishment building my own house. :) also, when I do it myself, I know how to go with future repairs. Well who should know my own house but me, right? So, I have to party hard today as tomorrow, I shall be doing a lot of work again! Have a great one too, you all!

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