Serenade her

I love classic guitars! Yes, I have one. I am a talented guitar player, I must say. I used to play in a band. I was also the guitarist in our church choir before. Oh, you bet I was able to serenade my wife also with my old guitar. I miss those days. Recently, I checked my guitar and played again. My child got interested. For now, he could not play my guitar as it will be an hierloom of sort. I shall buy him one that fits his age at nine.

New microwave oven

I bought a new microwave oven online. It is a good buy. I bought it for 3K Php. It is 21 liters and has a grill also. Well, I just cooked fish a while ago for our dinner. I just have to find out how much our electric bill next month will be. Well, we have been cooking pop corn and heating water there also for our coffee.


Proper footwear

Yes! I want orthotic sandals at bestinsoles.com! Well, it is high time that we be aware of the benefits of wearing health sandals and shoes. We plan to do some walking exercise again and I think that proper footwear is a must or our feet will just be painful afterwards. It is my friend who introduced me to this great innovation. Well, she has so many kinds of sandals and shoes and I am glad that she got one that is a real good buy.

Finally Alone

We are finally alone in the house. Have I mentioned here that we were once an extended family? Oh, those months were the longest. 9 months only and I told my wife that I could not bear it anymore. Anyways, we are at peace right now. No more other people inside the house.


Demands of time

My sister is really worried about her legs becoming edematous already. My wife said that jobst compression stockings might just work for her. Avoid salt. Avoid prolong standing. Of course, lose some weight too. I am glad that there are many health products available now. Maybe that is due to the demands of time also. People are becoming health conscious nowadays also. That is to combat the not so healthy environment at present, I guess.

I am a tourist guide

Whew! I tried to be a tourist guide to my Japanese cousin in law for four days. It was really tiring. I salute all the tourist guides out there. Well, for one, the traffic was really bad. Oh, as you know, I have been a house husband for quite sometime now. I have not really been outside the house everyday for the longest time. Anyways, I am glad that I am back to my routine. Work from home will be my choice of job next time.