Boss is waiting

I am really trying to find an all in one pc. Oh, I really hope to make it to the deadline as my boss is waiting for the quotation today! Because of other things, it slipped my mind and I am really sorry that I did not make the deadline. Oh, I really do not like missing things like deadlines. It is not good at all!


Travel by 2013

My wife has been browsing vacation packages. Well, she told me before that she would prioritize or include travel in our budget for 2013. Well, you might say that it is too early to prepare? Well, if you want to get better deals, I think or my wife thinks that early preparation might just do it. My son would be very happy to travel by plane and go to Disneyland next year, I am sure! I really hope that my wife's skill in budgeting will finally make us pack our bags and enjoy the vacation of our life.