Don't you just love the sound of saxophones? I do. If for the guitar players, it is the pick. For saxophonists, it is the mouthpiece. I wonder how many Dukoff mouthpieces one player has. Well, could there also be a favorite mouthpiece as a favorite pick? Maybe, huh! as of me, I have a favorite pick. Yes, I think and I hear that the sound is better when I play with my favorite pick.

Sodium content

Back to red rice. My son got afraid or sort of listened to his Mom when told about eating too much pancit canton--instant noodles! Well, the sodium and all. Speaking of sodium, I tried studying the sodium allowance each day and I was really surprised to find out that we are only allowed a teaspoon per day. Do not be confident that you are having just as much or even less, huh! Remember that even the vegetables that we eat have natural sodium already. Even eggs and meat have sodium content.

Ant lover

Hahaha! Yes, the title is correct. Ant lover. My son is. He is into ants again. It is by phases. Before, we did buy an ant farm. Oh, it is gone now! Two weeks ago, my son asked his Mom for a plastic container. He filled it with sand and he caught some ants. Believe me, today the ants are bigger. He feeds them with candy, chees and leaves. Oh, yes, sometimes, there are other insects there too that the ants fight with. I do not know if they just decayed there. My son now has an ant colony. He also has queen ants according to him.


Our future scientist

Believe me, the faux moss balls, another thing in my son's toys! Yes, he is into nature as he loves ants and spiders and termites and butterflies, and whatever that he could see moving in the garden, he tries to get it. A moss ball would be interesting for him. Yes, he is into plants too. Thanks to his Science subject. :)Well, we encourage him to build his own art farms from scratch and the likes. Who knows? We might just be raising a future scientist.


Kitchen almost done

I worked for the past two days and I learned a new thing! I installed floor tiles. yes, finally our kitchen area is improved with its new floor with tiles. Thank you to my wife for being supportive. Well, she prepared the meals so I had the energy to finish the job. I had to rest Sunday though because Monday is working day and school day once again. We have to prepare for it physically and emotionally. Haha! Well, that's how my wife puts that.

So, kitchen is almost done though it is still a long way to go. By and by as the budget permits. I am also working on the second floor bedroom. I finished the ceiling and the initial paint coat for the walls.

My checklist:
kitchen cabinets down
kitchen cabinets up
kitchen wall paint

Bath floor tiles- those were removed during the construction of the second floor and we have not installed new yet.
Bath wall tiles
Bath wall paint- yes, we will not have the walls be in tiles from floor to ceiling
Bath ceiling

wall paint
some repair on the floor tiles

Second Floor Bedroom
Final paint coat
Floor tiles
New Air-con

Whoa! Such a long list, huh! Well, I made sure to put almost everything down so that we will have focus. See, money is around the corner and we should be wise on what to really buy.