Kitchen almost done

I worked for the past two days and I learned a new thing! I installed floor tiles. yes, finally our kitchen area is improved with its new floor with tiles. Thank you to my wife for being supportive. Well, she prepared the meals so I had the energy to finish the job. I had to rest Sunday though because Monday is working day and school day once again. We have to prepare for it physically and emotionally. Haha! Well, that's how my wife puts that.

So, kitchen is almost done though it is still a long way to go. By and by as the budget permits. I am also working on the second floor bedroom. I finished the ceiling and the initial paint coat for the walls.

My checklist:
kitchen cabinets down
kitchen cabinets up
kitchen wall paint

Bath floor tiles- those were removed during the construction of the second floor and we have not installed new yet.
Bath wall tiles
Bath wall paint- yes, we will not have the walls be in tiles from floor to ceiling
Bath ceiling

wall paint
some repair on the floor tiles

Second Floor Bedroom
Final paint coat
Floor tiles
New Air-con

Whoa! Such a long list, huh! Well, I made sure to put almost everything down so that we will have focus. See, money is around the corner and we should be wise on what to really buy.

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