Exam week before Christmas

December 17-21 is exam week for my son. It means we will be spending the whole weekend to review. I really wish sometimes that he is more industrious in his studies. Well, yes, so that he will just study on his own. Kidding aside, I am a proud Dad whenever he makes it through in his exams. After all the reading and the q&As, at least I know that I am really helping him to study. No perfect scores but satisfactory already.

Party outside

Next in the list: cushions outdoor. We have a small veranda and instead of receiving the guests at the living room, we plan to have it at the veranda. It is especially for the coming Christmas and New year.We want everything to be contained outside. Well, receiving guests outside is easier rather than having them all inside the house. We do not have a maid and my wife does not enjoy doing the cleaning after the party.

Paracetamol or Mefenamic Acid?

Paracetamol or Mefenamic Acid? What is your choice to ease the pain? Well, my wife has a toothache and she does not like to take Mefenamic and is settled with her favorite paracetamol. As of me, I want the strongest substance which can provie an immediate relief.

Plant the Rose for Mom

I will buy nylon air hose. I will also buy some garden tools. Pots also are in the list. You are right, we are off to the hardware store today. Well, my son is into gardening lately. Funny, even the rose that she gave to her Mom yesterday, he wanted to plant it. I really like my son's humor. He gives us pure joy.

The carpenter stood us up

The carpenter stood us up today! Well, he did not even bother to call. We are not in a hurry for our house to be finished but we want it to be before Christmas. That is merely less than 10 days to go. Well, he can do it even during weekdays though. Anyways, according to his wife Nora, he is sick with stomachache. I hope he gets well soon.