Christmas and music

Well, definitely spend, spend this season. It is time to give back and be thankful of all the blessings receiver all throughout the year. We remember our friends and lovedones. We give them gifts. As of me, I buy gifts and also buy for myself. Hahaha. Anyways, for my musically inclined friend who plays different kinds of music instruments, I'll be able to save on spirocore silver c at wwbw! Yes, during these days, there are many items on sale too! The more affordable the prices are, the more that you can buy and give more! Oh, I really love Christmas!



Have I mentioned that I am a member of our church choir? We will be holding a concert next year and I was appointed for the sounds... well, make sure that we would produce not just good voices but total good music in the ears of the audience. I have to source it out so I also asked my fellow choir members to contribute. Ramil, arrived with a peavey amp! Well, great thinking Brother! Surely, that would help especially if the venue that we would be able to land is very big. We need to amplify!

Office and home

No more procrastination. How about, be more industrious? Well, I am just kidding and trying to tease my wife as she ironed her clothes for the whole week. Yes, she does not usually do that. Anyways, she is a very industrious woman when it comes to earning a living... Home chores, it is a different topic. :)

951st post

Add to Technorati Favorites As I write this, it is my 951st post. Imagine that? How many words, how many letters, how many punctuation marks have I expressed in this blog. I would like to thank Google that this blog is still alive. I really hope to write more content in the coming days. Well, I need some dicipline and determination to do better.


The real one

My wife will have a series of trainings in relation to her present job. Imagine that! She works in an IT department, at that! Who would have thought that a medical practitioner will be an IT expert of sort! Well, she knows now about ESET endpoint anti virus licenses among other things. I am proud of her and somehow I am thinking that maybe it will be really great if I could catch up with her in some sense. Well, between the two of us, I am supposed to be the more techy, as they say.


For her Mom

It is cold season now here in our country. Comforters do not do the trick anymore and we need the best electric blankets especially for the elderly. Oh, yes, maybe for the younger ones too? Well, definitely those blankets will warm us. My wife's Mother is in the hospital and it happened that she feels cold all the time. I told my wife that we should buy this blanket for her.

Mystery and clues

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Mystery and clues

Yes, you sin. You repent. You change.

Life is not perfect. Learn to forgive and forget. Open your heart. Be like God if you can.

Yes, just like as God loves us unconditionally with no ifs and buts, we must be also like that to others.

Life is full of mystery. You will never know when you cannot solve that puzzle. You need a helping hand for the clues. 


A must for every home

So, it is called full face respirator! I think I saw it first in a batman movie? Yes, it was in that movie! Well, I think there should be one for each family member in every home. It is like or should be a part of the first aid kit. I think I saw ones in an airplane too. Yes, there are face respirators there too. It is good to know, huh! I dig more and found out that even masks are considered respirators? Disposable ones! Maybe there is a difference? Well, maybe in the composition. One thing sure, both shall give relief from anything that is causing temporary respiratory distress.


Summer activity for my son

I have a new project! Well, I am really interested in electronics! No, not to the point of making sound microphonesbbut just those quite expensive guitar gadgets that I can assemble in not more than half of the commercial price. I also need to get my guitar to the repair shop. My son is interested in guitar lessons for his summer activity and he just has a Guitar Master in his Dad. Lucky him, yeah?


Only the apparel

My son is beginning to show interest in horses. His first encounter with it was during one of her visits at the zoo. He rode a white pony. Last night, he just blurted out about it and asked if he could ride the horse again. I hope he would not be obsessed with it as he does with almost everything new that comes into his mind. Horses are expensive. I could buy him the outfit but not the horse! I could not help but just laugh with the idea! That is my son! Very adventurous!



Wake up, wake up! A sunny Saturday morning! We plan to buy exceptional ukuleles at musicians friend. Well, our son is asking us what talent he could have. I know it sounded bizaare. Well, seriously, he wants to have more confidence and as many skills as possible. So, I asked him if he wanted to try some musical instruments. He agreed. A ukelele! Well, just give him what he wants and what gets his interests. After all, we only have one son. We have to give him the best.

Missing Mom

Add to Technorati Favorites Today is the death anniversary of our Mom. Please say a little prayer for her.

Remembering Mom--all happiness. She cooked good food! She took care of six boys and one girl plus our late Dad. Imagine that! She was a Superwoman!

I miss you, Mom! 

Minus the high end lifestyle

Add to Technorati Favorites I have a new favorite TV show right now. It is Gallery Girls! Well, it caught my interest. It features young entreprenuers! It is quite inspiring. Well, minus the high end lifestyle which involves expensive shoes and clubbings and nice dresses and bags. :) It was actually my wife who got me into watching it. Well, nice show.



Because of my busy schedule, I forgot about the thermoplastic round knobs that I needed to buy. Well, today my wife made sure that I keep that in mind. She left a note in my phone and in the schedule aarm and what have you in terms of reminders applications, huh. Well, can you blame a man who is in his early 50s already? Too early for me to be forgetful though, right? I must do something about it, I know. Well, lot of reading maybe and some memory enhancers. Oh, just give me the reminders.


Quality time needed

I think my wife and I have been into so much stress since we became parents. You know that responsibility of taking care of a child. Lately, the pressure got into us and we had some petty fights. Oh, well, that is normal to any married couple, I guess. We need a vacation to have a breath of fresh air. We have not spent quality time with each other for almost five years now. I could not recall the last time we dated for a movie, dinner or out of town.


Sound of the waves

One of my friends in the US is now studying about Outer Banks rentals. It is vacation time there! This friend of mine really make it a point to go out of town during summer and the Outer Banks is her next destination. I am sure that he would enjoy it there. They should get a beachfront house so that they would have easy access to the sea. The kids would surely love to play in the sand. Moreover, the sound of the waves really make you feel the beauty of nature.


America got it right

Finally watching some parts of the American Idol finale. Playing right now is Keith Urban who looks so sexy in shirts and jeans and his guitar. Oh, that's according to my wife, of course! Now, here's the winner, Candice Glover! The Inseparable rendition...then came Jennifer Hudson. What a performance! I've always liked Jennifer Hudson. Great performance! Oh, Ryan called her a Superstar! Now AI would like to take credit, huh? Well, give it to them. It is the voters who choose not the right winner all the time anyways...since Jordin Sparks. As they say, after sixe years, America got it right! :)


He rules

Oh, a cigar ashtray! My wife bought one last weekend. I asked her why she bought one. Nobody smokes in the house. She also discourages anybody to smoke inside the house. Did she change her mind about it? Well, you know what? She said that just in case that somebody will dare not follow her rules. She made me laugh. I know the real reason, anyways. Well, the ashtray is real nice and now a piece of ornament in the living room.

Do not Cry, Amber

So, it is top 3 in AI12. Amber is out so who to watch now? First the kid grew and improved so much in idol. She is such a pretty and talented lady. Thanks to Jennifer Hudson who is the living testimony that you do not have to be a winner to succeed. Amber, do not cry. You know that you are awsome. You are talented. Given the right breaks and right people to handle you, I am sure, you will go places.


Maybe I can apply and work for maytag washer repair. Well, I do not have such training but growing up, I saw my Dad repair all our appliances as the need arises. My time came and I am a Dad right now maintaining my opwn household appliances. I am the one who repair everything inside the house. Of course, I do not want to really do that. First thing is to buy quality products with lifetime warranty, right?

The Number One Tax Payer

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Kris Aquino is the number one tax payer, huh!
Imagine, she pays almost 50M in taxes.
Well, if only for that, we should really admire her.
Speaking of taxes, I really could not comprehend taxation. Well, tax is really really high. 30% of my salary goes to taxes. Imagine that!
Well, I pay almost 300K in taxes. I do not have 300K in the bank.
What if I just put that money in the bank, right?
In my 12 years of paying takes, that would be 3.6M already.



Since I am a fan of the new judges of a popular TV show, I searched for them and got to know them more. I learned that one of them went in one of the drug rehab treatment centers. I just do not know if what he had was substance abuse or any other thing. Well, at least he is sober now. He rocks! He has a good voice. He looks good too! He is really hot! I admire his kindness. He is also a good husband to another famous star. Well, at least as far as my readings went through.


Amber Got A Standing Ovation

Amber Holcomb got a standing ovation for her performance of Lately by Stevie Wonder...Bravo! I always stop whatever it is I am working on whenever I hear Amber sings. Well, she is the only reason I watch American Idol Season 12. Too bad that standing ovations are not indicators of winning American Idol. It is still charisma and of course, fans! Well, AI got the lowest number of viewers ever in all its season. Maybe ebcause no cute guy to cheer on by the millions of teenage girls? Girls, go for Amber instead! Let her be your inspiration.


Formula to become a star

and then America voted... The top ten contestants tried thier luck for the votes! Yes, it was America's turn to eliminate one contestant..verdict...Curtis Finch Jr. Well, not all good singers could really make it. Not all good singers have that stellar quality. Not all good singers can really sell a record. Not all good singers are loved by the majority. What could really be the formula to become a star?

Office computer

My wife's new laptop is already acting up. I told her that maybe she needs to have a clean hard drive. Well, I see that she needs all her files but maybe those files might just be causeing her new laptop to act up. Before it is too late, I advised her to contact their supplier for technical support. I can do it on my own but her computer has so many restrictions. Well, it is an office computer, that is why.


Dress Codes

Have you ever been to a Casino? I have not. I have friends who have gone there though. They say that it is fun going there. As of me, I am just watching a TV show right now that features Las Vegas. It is the place where most casinos are right? Moreover, who have not watched the movie series of one of my favorite actors in which the story line and shoot location is also in a Casino. My father in law used to go there also. My wife during one of her trainings, which was held in a Hotel, was given a pass and starting money to its Casino too. Well, she did not avail it though because she is afraid to lose. What if she won, right? Anyways, she told me that she is intrigued of what fun she could get in playing there. I do not want her to go there of course and I, myself would not be able to accompany her. Casino locations are very far from our place. It would take us more than an hour to get there. Casinos here also follow some kind of dress codes. I do not like to wear some formal clothes just to go there. Besides, we do not have a car. Just to satisfy our curiosity, I searched for Casino in the net and voila! You could play casino online. You might not be able to see those coins coming out of the slot machine but the feel of winning is always the same. Yes, aim to win, enjoy but know your limits!


American Idol Bets

So, do you have your bets for the recent AI? The one who sang her own song and played the piano at the same time seems good. Then there are the second or third timers that might just have their luck this season. The country singer who is so pretty, I hope that she makes it. Well, you see, I have not really recalled their names meaning, I have no favorites yet. Oh, there is Nikki. I think she keeps the show watchable. Keith is gorgeous and sexy too. :)

A new exercise for her

Now, a yoga bag? Wow, she is going to have yoga this time? I can see that she is having a real hard time losing weight. This is the hardest according to her. Well, she has not really started her exercise regime. The treadmill is there. She also have wii. Well, maybe it would be yoga this time? As I have mentioned in the past, I fully support her diet quest. I hope that she would really be able to stick to it though.


Awareness on Asbestos Effects on Health

What is important is we are alive! That is what I hear everybody saying. The recent crisis in our life made me realize so many things. One, material possession is not important at all. These things could just disappear or be taken away from you anytime. The good thing, you could always replace a TV, or a computer when you already have the money. What about health? What about life? Irreplaceable! We have to stay safe and healthy. To do that we should be aware of certain diseases like malignant Mesothelioma that I am sure we are not that informed that exposure to asbestos might lead to that. That is why, we should always be careful. I am now planning to have our second floor be constructed, maybe by January and I think we should rent a place first where we could stay. Simple exposure to cement dust may be hazardous to our lungs.


American Idol is here once again

Add to Technorati FavoritesAmerican Idol is here once again! Well, it is season 12. No more Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. I am glad that Randy is still there and so with Ryan Seacrest. Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey are refreshing additions to the show. Anyways, after watching The Voice, they need new judges. I am used to watching Cristina and Adam and Blake and Ceelo already. I hope the new AI panel won't bore me.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I have been under the weather lately. Well, the cough and colds and the dust allergy. Plus, I was busy with some house stuff also. Anyways, I am back! The man has to work. This extra job is really a big help you know. Well, those who also blog for some cash surely understand! Anyways, I hope to really blog more. That's one of my resolutions I guess for the New Year? Happy New Year again!