Dress Codes

Have you ever been to a Casino? I have not. I have friends who have gone there though. They say that it is fun going there. As of me, I am just watching a TV show right now that features Las Vegas. It is the place where most casinos are right? Moreover, who have not watched the movie series of one of my favorite actors in which the story line and shoot location is also in a Casino. My father in law used to go there also. My wife during one of her trainings, which was held in a Hotel, was given a pass and starting money to its Casino too. Well, she did not avail it though because she is afraid to lose. What if she won, right? Anyways, she told me that she is intrigued of what fun she could get in playing there. I do not want her to go there of course and I, myself would not be able to accompany her. Casino locations are very far from our place. It would take us more than an hour to get there. Casinos here also follow some kind of dress codes. I do not like to wear some formal clothes just to go there. Besides, we do not have a car. Just to satisfy our curiosity, I searched for Casino in the net and voila! You could play casino online. You might not be able to see those coins coming out of the slot machine but the feel of winning is always the same. Yes, aim to win, enjoy but know your limits!


American Idol Bets

So, do you have your bets for the recent AI? The one who sang her own song and played the piano at the same time seems good. Then there are the second or third timers that might just have their luck this season. The country singer who is so pretty, I hope that she makes it. Well, you see, I have not really recalled their names meaning, I have no favorites yet. Oh, there is Nikki. I think she keeps the show watchable. Keith is gorgeous and sexy too. :)

A new exercise for her

Now, a yoga bag? Wow, she is going to have yoga this time? I can see that she is having a real hard time losing weight. This is the hardest according to her. Well, she has not really started her exercise regime. The treadmill is there. She also have wii. Well, maybe it would be yoga this time? As I have mentioned in the past, I fully support her diet quest. I hope that she would really be able to stick to it though.


Awareness on Asbestos Effects on Health

What is important is we are alive! That is what I hear everybody saying. The recent crisis in our life made me realize so many things. One, material possession is not important at all. These things could just disappear or be taken away from you anytime. The good thing, you could always replace a TV, or a computer when you already have the money. What about health? What about life? Irreplaceable! We have to stay safe and healthy. To do that we should be aware of certain diseases like malignant Mesothelioma that I am sure we are not that informed that exposure to asbestos might lead to that. That is why, we should always be careful. I am now planning to have our second floor be constructed, maybe by January and I think we should rent a place first where we could stay. Simple exposure to cement dust may be hazardous to our lungs.