Amber Got A Standing Ovation

Amber Holcomb got a standing ovation for her performance of Lately by Stevie Wonder...Bravo! I always stop whatever it is I am working on whenever I hear Amber sings. Well, she is the only reason I watch American Idol Season 12. Too bad that standing ovations are not indicators of winning American Idol. It is still charisma and of course, fans! Well, AI got the lowest number of viewers ever in all its season. Maybe ebcause no cute guy to cheer on by the millions of teenage girls? Girls, go for Amber instead! Let her be your inspiration.


Formula to become a star

and then America voted... The top ten contestants tried thier luck for the votes! Yes, it was America's turn to eliminate one contestant..verdict...Curtis Finch Jr. Well, not all good singers could really make it. Not all good singers have that stellar quality. Not all good singers can really sell a record. Not all good singers are loved by the majority. What could really be the formula to become a star?

Office computer

My wife's new laptop is already acting up. I told her that maybe she needs to have a clean hard drive. Well, I see that she needs all her files but maybe those files might just be causeing her new laptop to act up. Before it is too late, I advised her to contact their supplier for technical support. I can do it on my own but her computer has so many restrictions. Well, it is an office computer, that is why.