Sound of the waves

One of my friends in the US is now studying about Outer Banks rentals. It is vacation time there! This friend of mine really make it a point to go out of town during summer and the Outer Banks is her next destination. I am sure that he would enjoy it there. They should get a beachfront house so that they would have easy access to the sea. The kids would surely love to play in the sand. Moreover, the sound of the waves really make you feel the beauty of nature.


America got it right

Finally watching some parts of the American Idol finale. Playing right now is Keith Urban who looks so sexy in shirts and jeans and his guitar. Oh, that's according to my wife, of course! Now, here's the winner, Candice Glover! The Inseparable rendition...then came Jennifer Hudson. What a performance! I've always liked Jennifer Hudson. Great performance! Oh, Ryan called her a Superstar! Now AI would like to take credit, huh? Well, give it to them. It is the voters who choose not the right winner all the time anyways...since Jordin Sparks. As they say, after sixe years, America got it right! :)


He rules

Oh, a cigar ashtray! My wife bought one last weekend. I asked her why she bought one. Nobody smokes in the house. She also discourages anybody to smoke inside the house. Did she change her mind about it? Well, you know what? She said that just in case that somebody will dare not follow her rules. She made me laugh. I know the real reason, anyways. Well, the ashtray is real nice and now a piece of ornament in the living room.

Do not Cry, Amber

So, it is top 3 in AI12. Amber is out so who to watch now? First the kid grew and improved so much in idol. She is such a pretty and talented lady. Thanks to Jennifer Hudson who is the living testimony that you do not have to be a winner to succeed. Amber, do not cry. You know that you are awsome. You are talented. Given the right breaks and right people to handle you, I am sure, you will go places.


Maybe I can apply and work for maytag washer repair. Well, I do not have such training but growing up, I saw my Dad repair all our appliances as the need arises. My time came and I am a Dad right now maintaining my opwn household appliances. I am the one who repair everything inside the house. Of course, I do not want to really do that. First thing is to buy quality products with lifetime warranty, right?

The Number One Tax Payer

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Kris Aquino is the number one tax payer, huh!
Imagine, she pays almost 50M in taxes.
Well, if only for that, we should really admire her.
Speaking of taxes, I really could not comprehend taxation. Well, tax is really really high. 30% of my salary goes to taxes. Imagine that!
Well, I pay almost 300K in taxes. I do not have 300K in the bank.
What if I just put that money in the bank, right?
In my 12 years of paying takes, that would be 3.6M already.