Because of my busy schedule, I forgot about the thermoplastic round knobs that I needed to buy. Well, today my wife made sure that I keep that in mind. She left a note in my phone and in the schedule aarm and what have you in terms of reminders applications, huh. Well, can you blame a man who is in his early 50s already? Too early for me to be forgetful though, right? I must do something about it, I know. Well, lot of reading maybe and some memory enhancers. Oh, just give me the reminders.


Quality time needed

I think my wife and I have been into so much stress since we became parents. You know that responsibility of taking care of a child. Lately, the pressure got into us and we had some petty fights. Oh, well, that is normal to any married couple, I guess. We need a vacation to have a breath of fresh air. We have not spent quality time with each other for almost five years now. I could not recall the last time we dated for a movie, dinner or out of town.