A must for every home

So, it is called full face respirator! I think I saw it first in a batman movie? Yes, it was in that movie! Well, I think there should be one for each family member in every home. It is like or should be a part of the first aid kit. I think I saw ones in an airplane too. Yes, there are face respirators there too. It is good to know, huh! I dig more and found out that even masks are considered respirators? Disposable ones! Maybe there is a difference? Well, maybe in the composition. One thing sure, both shall give relief from anything that is causing temporary respiratory distress.


Summer activity for my son

I have a new project! Well, I am really interested in electronics! No, not to the point of making sound microphonesbbut just those quite expensive guitar gadgets that I can assemble in not more than half of the commercial price. I also need to get my guitar to the repair shop. My son is interested in guitar lessons for his summer activity and he just has a Guitar Master in his Dad. Lucky him, yeah?


Only the apparel

My son is beginning to show interest in horses. His first encounter with it was during one of her visits at the zoo. He rode a white pony. Last night, he just blurted out about it and asked if he could ride the horse again. I hope he would not be obsessed with it as he does with almost everything new that comes into his mind. Horses are expensive. I could buy him the outfit but not the horse! I could not help but just laugh with the idea! That is my son! Very adventurous!



Wake up, wake up! A sunny Saturday morning! We plan to buy exceptional ukuleles at musicians friend. Well, our son is asking us what talent he could have. I know it sounded bizaare. Well, seriously, he wants to have more confidence and as many skills as possible. So, I asked him if he wanted to try some musical instruments. He agreed. A ukelele! Well, just give him what he wants and what gets his interests. After all, we only have one son. We have to give him the best.

Missing Mom

Add to Technorati Favorites Today is the death anniversary of our Mom. Please say a little prayer for her.

Remembering Mom--all happiness. She cooked good food! She took care of six boys and one girl plus our late Dad. Imagine that! She was a Superwoman!

I miss you, Mom! 

Minus the high end lifestyle

Add to Technorati Favorites I have a new favorite TV show right now. It is Gallery Girls! Well, it caught my interest. It features young entreprenuers! It is quite inspiring. Well, minus the high end lifestyle which involves expensive shoes and clubbings and nice dresses and bags. :) It was actually my wife who got me into watching it. Well, nice show.