The real one

My wife will have a series of trainings in relation to her present job. Imagine that! She works in an IT department, at that! Who would have thought that a medical practitioner will be an IT expert of sort! Well, she knows now about ESET endpoint anti virus licenses among other things. I am proud of her and somehow I am thinking that maybe it will be really great if I could catch up with her in some sense. Well, between the two of us, I am supposed to be the more techy, as they say.


For her Mom

It is cold season now here in our country. Comforters do not do the trick anymore and we need the best electric blankets especially for the elderly. Oh, yes, maybe for the younger ones too? Well, definitely those blankets will warm us. My wife's Mother is in the hospital and it happened that she feels cold all the time. I told my wife that we should buy this blanket for her.

Mystery and clues

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Mystery and clues

Yes, you sin. You repent. You change.

Life is not perfect. Learn to forgive and forget. Open your heart. Be like God if you can.

Yes, just like as God loves us unconditionally with no ifs and buts, we must be also like that to others.

Life is full of mystery. You will never know when you cannot solve that puzzle. You need a helping hand for the clues.