Christmas and music

Well, definitely spend, spend this season. It is time to give back and be thankful of all the blessings receiver all throughout the year. We remember our friends and lovedones. We give them gifts. As of me, I buy gifts and also buy for myself. Hahaha. Anyways, for my musically inclined friend who plays different kinds of music instruments, I'll be able to save on spirocore silver c at wwbw! Yes, during these days, there are many items on sale too! The more affordable the prices are, the more that you can buy and give more! Oh, I really love Christmas!



Have I mentioned that I am a member of our church choir? We will be holding a concert next year and I was appointed for the sounds... well, make sure that we would produce not just good voices but total good music in the ears of the audience. I have to source it out so I also asked my fellow choir members to contribute. Ramil, arrived with a peavey amp! Well, great thinking Brother! Surely, that would help especially if the venue that we would be able to land is very big. We need to amplify!

Office and home

No more procrastination. How about, be more industrious? Well, I am just kidding and trying to tease my wife as she ironed her clothes for the whole week. Yes, she does not usually do that. Anyways, she is a very industrious woman when it comes to earning a living... Home chores, it is a different topic. :)

951st post

Add to Technorati Favorites As I write this, it is my 951st post. Imagine that? How many words, how many letters, how many punctuation marks have I expressed in this blog. I would like to thank Google that this blog is still alive. I really hope to write more content in the coming days. Well, I need some dicipline and determination to do better.