All kinds of sound

This native instruments really amazes me. Could this be the one that they use in the film industry? Listening to music, I always want to hear all the sounds in the ensemble. You know, all the clicks and pans and strings and piano and all kinds of sounds incorporated in that particular song. Just like the one in American Idol's final song last season wherein there were even drum sounds and the whole band for the song! Well, real music to my ears, eh!


My son's own recording

There's a recording studio near our place and I heard that they have cool Sony studio headphones. Well, it is important in a recording studio, to have nice headphones. I could still remember when we had our own recording session and the headphones were not that great that time. I think it affected our output also. I shall go and check it out and maybe suggest it to them. Well, my son loves to sing and I would like him to experience recording his own song too.



Wow! Great sight of cool godin guitars from guitar center. Yes, I do use all superlatives when it comes to guitars. I think I need to buy a new guitar. Mine is already a classic of sort or something like antique? Well, I know that it is of great value already but new ones are of course something to try too. for music enthusiasts like me, old and new alike will really be music to its meaning. Hmmm... maybe I will just buy one as a gift for my son. See, what music can do to me? It gives me lot of ideas!


Finally, new knives!

I mentioned we went to the mall today. We bought new knives! Finally! Actually, we were lucky because it is SALE! Yes, 50% off! We were able to buy three knives! My wife got the paring knife for her fruits. Well, she plans to go on a diet again. She is heavy and very ehavy at that at 83.6 kg! Imagine that! She was diagnosed also to be in the prediabetic stage. I need to support her on her diet or all our money will go to diabetic maintenance.

American Idol 13

American Idol 13 is already running. I am not that interested and I do not follow anyone really. Maybe I like The Voice more now than AI. Anyways, I am glad that Jennifer Lopez is back. There is a half Filipina also in the competition--Malaya Watson. I hope she makes it. She is more of an American in looks and ways so I hope she makes it. Well, I am not bitter about Jessica's losing before...okay I am. Hahaha.

If I am or not

I am really secod guessing myself at times. You know, if I am being a good parent or not. If I am a good partner or not. If I am a good brother or not. If I was a good child or not. If I am a good person or not. Oh, too much pressure on myself huh. Bad for the health. I know I sould just stop worrying and just continue doing good.

Picture inside my mind

I found a logo printed table runner that is perfect for our company's Easter event. Yes, that early I am already scouting for it. Well, I want the event to be special and for the people to remember our company name. I am planning that there shall be more tables with logos and the rest will just be with the company colors. I am excited right now and I can picture the event inside my head.


funny movie

My wife is watching It Takes A Man and a Woman again. She is waiting for me and it makes her busy. How do I know? Well, I just know. Kidding aside, I called her a while ago and I could hear the sound of the TV and the voice of the main character in the movie. It's a really funny movie as I was able to watch it before. :)